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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lo and Behold!

My friend Lo lives upstairs from us and has been a great friend and neighbor to us in the last year since we had a baby.  She constantly offers to take the dog out, babysit, and practice her spray-tanning skills on me...she's quite good at it and I get a free tan in the middle of winter!  Well and let's face it, in the middle of summer too considering I don't really sunbathe anymore.  Also, did I mention Lo is also a makeup artist?  She has spruced up this working mommy on more than one occasion for parties, shoots, and special occasions.  What an amazing friend to have living right next door!

Anyway, I wanted to do something special for her as a thank you for all that she does for us and decided I would try to make a chandelier for her.  The challenge: her apartment is all white!  I had only been making chandeliers with a dark, rustic feel and her apartment is anything but.  So I started with a white stain that is called "pickled" that I found at Pearl Paint on Canal Street.  After staining the wood and sanding it, I used all white wire and cord grips to re-create the original urban chandy but using only silver hardware.  The result was quite chic compared to the more rustic original:
I am so pleased that she loves it!  We installed a dimmer on her switch so that she can control the light - for aesthetic purposes as well as practicality.  She always needs to control the lighting depending on the services she is providing to clients who come to her home for makeup application or spray tanning.  Now she can tan clients at night...including this mommy who can't ever peel away until after 8pm!

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