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Monday, December 26, 2011

My Newest Stain Color: Warm Grey

Christmas is over!  I always feel a mixture of sadness that the holiday season is ending and sheer joy that the stress of dealing with holiday shopping, family gatherings, and eating/drinking is finally done.  So I'm getting back to chandelier creations...

In the midst of holiday madness, I was obsessing over the stain for the wood for my newest client's dream chandelier.  As I mentioned in a previous post she wants the look of a desk made from recycled telephone poles, but the weathered wood look is very difficult to re-create using plywood.  However after a couple trips to Home Depot and some scrap pieces of wood I think I've done it!

So first I bought the Classic Grey (271) stain by Minwax but it was too light to show up under the brown stain (Special Walnut).  It was a cool color though, note to self for another project.  I will post pics of it next post.  Back to Home Depot where I learned from my friendly little guy in the paint department that Minwax does custom stains, who knew!?  So we made a color called charcoal to give the wood the grey undertone needed to get that greyish, weathered telephone pole color.  One note: the custom stain liquid is much thicker than the regular stain by Minwax, so you have to use much less than the regular stuff.  My first attempt was too dark, i.e. used too much of the stuff.

So I tried it again using much less of the custom charcoal stain and then immediately taking off the excess with paper towels.  After it dried I added a light coat of the Special Walnut and voila!

Now I have a very warm grey color that is beautiful.  An exciting start to this unique chandelier that will involve gems!  Stay tuned for more updates on this beauty in a couple days.

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