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Custom Urban Chandeliers
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Brooklyn Heights Project

After posting the picture of my office chandelier on Etsy, my first commissioned fixture was for a couple in Brooklyn Heights that live in an amazing loft space.  They were renovating and had just purchased a reclaimed barnwood dining table from West Elm.  They wanted a large chandelier that would coordinate back with their new table. 

This is the chandelier hung in their dining space, so cool!  They said it was their favorite part of all of the renovations, happiness:)  This fixture is 24"x36" at the base and the longest bulb hangs down 4 ft from the base.  They have very high ceilings (10.5 ft) so we made the wire longer to hang it directly over the table.  My next post is about how we came to decide how low/high to hang it.

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