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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Making it work

I started this piece back in September and then couldn't seem to finish it...until today!  I had some creative energy today and love the direction this went.  I wish I had a better background to shoot against besides white brick, very challenging. 

The challenge became how to suspend it without using chain because I wanted the chain to imitate a lamp shade.  The solution came to me to use steel plumbing pipe and run the wire through the pipe into the ceiling.  The black pipe gave it the industrial feel that I was going for and gives it a modern look.  I added the union between the two pipes to emphasize the pipe junction.  I used 1/2" black pipe and the chain is from a bunch of places I've been collecting it.

The wood is barnwood from Texas that was cut into a circle using a jigsaw and a router.  I stained it ebony and used the chain to drape it around the wood like a shade.
I chose the socket for this one to have the black tab-style key because I love how it brings together the modern yet vintage look.  So proud of this one, finally done!

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