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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Chandy

It's been a couple months but lots of things going...

We moved our production back to Brooklyn to the Navy Yard at Grand Avenue & Flushing, and we love our new space!!!  I've been working to get everything organized and set up for holiday production.  That said, we've taken a pause (hopefully briefly) to hunker down for Hurricane Sandy today and now it looks like tomorrow as well.  Second hurricane evacuation for us in 15 months...Ahhemmm time to start paying attention to our role in global warming people.

So maybe I've watched too many movies, but can't decide if it's more day after tomorrow or perfect storm or maybe a little i am legend minus the zombies.  Although it is Halloween in a couple days so zombies are probable at this point.  That is my forecast.  Very scientific, I know. 

Here is the shot of NY Harbor from my apartment in Battery Park:
Notice that the Battery Tunnel and Hugh Carey tunnels are still open and holding up not too much water down there yet.  We are in Zone A that was evacuated last night but have decided to stick it out. 

For those of you waiting for orders...we will do our best to get into the office this week pending power outages.  I assure you we will finish your orders and get them out as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience with us and being such awesome customers!

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